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5 Reasons To Custom Build Your Home

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.
— Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever lived in a place that just didn’t feel like home? Try as you might to incorporate bits of yourself into a house, sometimes that feeling of restlessness just won’t go away. Ben Franklin knew that peace of mind is one of the most important elements of home, and having a structure that’s your own is a key aspect of that peace. Custom building your home gives you the power to make your next house a true home, incorporating what’s best for your needs. In case you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons you should custom build your home.

1.    Pay less in the long run.

Choosing to build a new home may seem like a steep bill at first, but new materials, built by builders you trust, makes a new home more trustworthy than your old house. When was the last time your roof was replaced? How’s the plumbing? Electricity? All these things can be costly to repair (or completely replace) as they inevitably break down. With a new home, you take much of the hassle out of home ownership. And you can save for home maintenance instead of home emergencies. 

The best part is that our turnkey construction program at Fortin means you can avoid the costly expense of a construction loan.

2.    Improve your family’s health and safety.

It’s no secret that things like asbestos, mold, mites, or lead can be harmful to your wellbeing. Old or outdated homes can be a hazard to your family’s health and safety. Building everything in your home brand new, from light switches to countertops, and knowing that you’re the first (and only) owner, makes building a new home worth it.

3.    Build in the perfect location.

Maybe no location is perfect, but getting to pick a spot you love—where you and your family can grow and flourish in the directions you choose is a family priority. The freedom to choose where to build and where—exactly—on your property the house lies is a benefit you definitely can’t overlook.

4.    Pick your own building materials.

One of the best parts of building your own home is the freedom to choose. You can pick the bricks, granite, wood, every aspect of your home building materials. 

5.    Choose modern amenities and floor plans.

Home environmental standards are constantly improving, and building your own, custom-built home allows you to get the latest in amenities and technology. You can incorporate home technology or build an environmentally friendly home. You can choose open, modern floor plans that are roomier and more inviting.

The world is crazy enough. Make your home your safe place, a place you can be at peace. Want to see some new homes we’ve built? Take a look at our new home photo gallery!

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