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5 Perfect Painting Secrets

As spring arrives, maybe it’s time to revive your walls with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you’re redecorating or just ready for a new color. Save some money on hiring a professional painter and do it yourself. Here are some little-known tips for making your interior paint job look professional.

1. Prepare

Preparation may be the single most important step you could take in order to ensure a professional looking paint job. First, take a look at your walls. You need a smooth canvas to get the best finish. Sand down any imperfections that are on your walls. Look for rough spots and burrs. Fill and sand any holes.

Buy canvas drop cloths instead of plastic ones. Yes, they’re more expensive, but they’re also more durable and resistant to rips. They are safer as well, presenting less of a tripping hazard than plastic, and absorbing paint drips instead of becoming slippery. And instead of being a one-time use, canvas drop cloths can be re-used for the rest of your life.

2. Prime

Don’t skip the priming step, no matter how tempted you are—or how white the wall is. Primer doesn’t just stop colors from bleeding through; it also provides a necessary adhesion that reduces bubbles and prevents peeling. It’s true you can buy paint that includes primer, and while it’s better than nothing, the two-in-one combo doesn’t produce the same quality that comes from using a separate primer. Professional painters also tint the primer by mixing a bit of the top color in to make only one coat of top color necessary.

3. Load

When you’re painting, don’t be afraid to load your brush with paint. Professionals will load their brush with paint and then tap the edges in order to reduce dripping from excess paint. Amateurs dip their brush and wipe off ALL the excess paint. Don’t be afraid to load your brush or roller with paint.

4. Stick to one wall

A common amateur painting mistake is to paint all the trim and corners first with a brush and then use the roller for the rest of the wall. But pros know brushed and rolled paint blend more easily when they’re still a little wet. Get one wall completely finished before moving on to the next for a more overall uniform look.

5. Save it overnight

If you’re tackling a bigger project, it may be necessary to complete it over several days, and it can be a pain to clean your brushes every night when you’re done. But you don’t have to. Save your brushes overnight by wrapping them in plastic wrap and putting them in the refrigerator. Take them out about 30 minutes before you intend to use them, and they’ll be ready to go. You can do this for several days in a row without having to clean your brushes.

Do you have any other painting secrets to share? Let us know!

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