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Let the Sun Shine In

Tips for Maximizing Sunlight

Maybe it’s these cold winter days that have us daydreaming about the sunshine—or thinking about the snow we’ll have to shovel this weekend. Whatever it is, we’re trying our best to maximize the sunlight, and I bet you are too. Here are some tips we have for making your home a little brighter.


This one may seem a little obvious, but make sure the window coverings you use aren’t dark and heavy if you want to let in the light. Blinds are a good idea because you can angle them to let in the most light. The most light will come in from the top of a window, so make sure that part isn’t obstructed.

This way of hanging curtains lets the light in and makes your room look bigger.

This way of hanging curtains lets the light in and makes your room look bigger.


Paint your walls a lighter color, close to white. Ironically, glossy paints can actually create a glare that doesn’t help brighten the room. Instead use a matte finish because it will reflect the light in all directions. Think about what’s hanging on your walls, too: dark paintings and posters will absorb the light. Mirrors are perfect if you place them strategically to reflect the light.


No matter what color your walls are, make sure the ceiling is lighter than they are for maximizing sunlight. A dark ceiling can feel oppressive. Again, stick with a matte paint on the ceiling as well.


Any furniture that’s found in the room should not block the light. Bookshelves or partitions, for example, would be best along the same wall as the window. Supplement the natural light with light fixtures that are strategically placed to take over when the sunlight starts to fade. Typically indirect lighting, pointing toward the ceiling, is best. If nothing else, clean! Cleaning your windows, bulbs, and fixtures can make a world of difference.


Installing a skylight is perfect not only because of the natural light it lets in but also because of its energy saving benefits. If you do decide to install a skylight, we recommend putting it in a room that’s used often, like a bathroom or living room, and also gets plenty of natural sunlight.

What do you think? Do you have any other tips? What are you doing to keep your home cheery this winter?

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