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The Bathroom of Your Dreams

Why the Bathroom?

Every year we see many home improvement projects undertaken, but the most common remodel is the bathroom. Why do so many people choose to remodel their bathroom each year? There are countless other projects that would be beneficial and even add space to your home. The truth is the bathroom is one of the few rooms in your house you’ll use every day–and spend a substantial amount there. The bathroom is a place where you can get away, a relaxing oasis in a crazy world, so it should be soothing and sophisticated to help wash away all the stress and trouble of the day. It should be accommodating to help you prepare for that stressful day. You need a place to relax. So, how do you start?

bathroom budget.jpg

Identify your budget

It’s not free
In order to complete a successful remodel without breaking the bank you need to know what’s in the bank. Determine how much you can spend on your remodel first. Knowing your budget helps guide your choices in fixtures, flooring, vanity, shower, or tub. Naming a specific number will determine the level of remodel you’re looking for. Will you get new fixtures and refinish some surfaces or perform a complete tear out and revised layout. Nail down these details before visiting your local contractor or home improvement store.

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Get informed

Things you should know
It has probably been a while since you have looked into bathroom fixtures. Maybe there is a new shower head or sink bowl you didn’t know about. Because bathrooms are a popular remodel, new products come out every year. You may need (or love) something you had no idea existed. Take a walk through a home improvement store and see what’s new. Knowledge will also help you with pricing. Prices change, so you’ll need to know what your dollar is worth.

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Determine your needs

It’s YOUR bathroom
You have your budget, you’re well informed about new products and pricing, now it’s time to make decisions. If your budget can’t cover that complete overhaul you were looking for, decide what matters most to you. If you need more vanity space, get a bigger vanity. If you have an outdated shower, update your shower. Even changing a few items that are fairly cost-effective can change the whole look and function of your bathroom. Everyone is different, so get your bathroom tailor-made to you.

bathroom remodel contractor.jpg

Find a contractor

Don’t DIY it
With all of the DIY information available, you might be thinking, “It’s just construction, anyone can do it.” Many times homeowners will do more damage trying to do it themselves and end up hiring a contractor to come clean up the mess. Not to mention, who has the time? Find a quality contractor at a competitive price who wants to build YOU a bathroom. Make sure you’re getting your bathroom, not his.


Almost done
Decorate your completed bathroom. Décor is a major part of any bathroom and includes little things like your toothbrush holder, towels, rugs, and pictures. Stick to a theme that’s uncluttered and relaxing. Enjoy your new bathroom!

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