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A Bathroom Remodel: Why It’s a Great Investment

Why the Bathroom?

As Spring draws near, you may be gearing up for your Spring cleaning checklist. Often, when people start looking at what needs cleaning, they start to wonder if certain rooms could use an update!

We’ve noticed that the most common remodel is actually the bathroom. Why do so many people choose to remodel their bathroom each year? A bathroom remodel has many benefits; it could add space to your home, or boost curb appeal, ultimately the truth is the bathroom is the most used. People spend a substantial amount in their bathrooms, and therefore the room gets worn down the quickest.

Make your bathroom more than just where you get ready and take a shower - turn it into a place where you can get away, your own relaxing oasis in your crazy world. Make it soothing and sophisticated to help wash away all the stress and trouble of the day.

It should also be accommodating, and practical, to help you prepare for your days. So, how do you start?

Step 1: Identify Your Budget

Quality Materials Are Worth It

To complete a successful remodel without breaking the bank, you need to determine a realistic budget. Determine how much you can spend on your remodel first. A great way to get started is to make a list of “Wants” and then working down to “Needs” by prioritizing. You may want a huge new bay window installed and marbled floors, but the budget may allow for a new tub and updated sink fixtures instead.

Knowing your budget helps guide your choices in fixtures, flooring, vanity, shower, or tub. Naming a specific number will determine the level of remodel you’re looking for. Will you get new fixtures and refinish some surfaces, or perform a complete tear out and revised layout? Do some research on average costs, and on the materials you’re considering, too.


Step 2: Get Informed

Things To Learn and Know

If it’s been a while since you looked at bathroom fixtures, it might be fun to take a walk through a home improvement store or get online to see what new products have come out. Since bathrooms are such a popular remodel, new products are consistently hitting the market. There may be a product out there that’s exactly what you needed, and you didn’t even know it was there! Research and knowledge will also help you with pricing.

Check out our blog about different bathroom flooring options!

Step 3: Determine Your Needs

It’s Your Bathroom

You have your budget, and you’re well informed about new products and pricing, so now it’s time to make decisions. If your budget can’t cover the complete overhaul you were looking for, decide what matters most to you. If you need more vanity space, get a bigger vanity. If you have an outdated shower, update your shower. Even changing a few items that are fairly cost-effective can change the whole look and function of your bathroom. Everyone is different, so get your bathroom tailor-made to you.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to remodel the entire bathroom right away. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Home wasn’t built in a day. Your home is always changing and evolving with you and your family. Your bathroom is the same way. Have young kids that are turning into teenagers? Maybe update that vanity or install new light fixtures, or have shelves built in for more storage space.

Step 4: Find a Contractor

Don’t DIY It

bathroom remodel contractor.jpg

With all of the DIY information available, you might be thinking, “It’s just construction, anyone can do it.” More often than not,  homeowners end up doing more damage trying to complete remodeling projects themselves; ultimately having to end up hiring a contractor to clean up the mess. Not to mention, who has the time? Find a quality contractor at a competitive price who actually cares about your wants and needs, and will work with you to build the best bathroom with the best materials.

Step 5: Finally!

Update Your Decor

Decorate your completed bathroom! Décor is a major part of any bathroom, and includes little things like your toothbrush holder, towels, and rugs. You can also invest in nice photos, fake plants, or candles. Stick to a theme that’s uncluttered and relaxing. Enjoy your new bathroom!


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