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The Importance of Staircase Design

We love building staircases.

We’ve seen others wax eloquent about stairs being metaphors for journeying from one place to another. That every time you ascend or descend you are in the heart of the home. But that’s a little much.

We love stairs because they provide us with the opportunity to take something functional and make it beautiful. Despite the exaggerations others may make as to what a staircase represents, it truly is the centerpiece of your home.

It’s easy to overlook the staircase when you’re planning your dream home. After all, it’s not quite as fun as the kitchen or almost any other room in your home. But it is something you’ll probably use every day and will definitely see every day.

Make it personable

More than likely, your staircase is also one of the first things visitors see when they enter your home, so it’s important it represents your home’s personality. If your stairs are boring, your home probably is too. If you’ve worked hard to give your home personality, your staircase should reflect that individuality.

Make it pretty

You wouldn’t get a mural painted in your house unless you were confident in the painter’s ability to create something that you would enjoy seeing year after year. Even more permanent than a mural that can be painted over is what could be the greatest work of art in your home: the staircase. And like any good piece of art, the details are important too. Customize your staircase to be something visually appealing, from treads to bannisters.

Make it sell

If nothing else has convinced you of the importance of having a great staircase, know this: It can significantly affect your home’s resell value. For all the reasons mentioned earlier, potential buyers recognize the worth of a structurally sound, visually appealing staircase as the home’s centerpiece.

Here are some of the staircases we’ve built over the years.

Mark is our staircase expert and will be able to address any of your questions. Give him a call to chat about getting a Fortin-built staircase in your dream home.

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