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Window Replacement Tips

Window replacement is a popular home improvement project, probably because windows are responsible for most heat and cooling loss. Poor windows end up costing more than quality ones. Why wait to replace your windows? They cost you hard-earned money every day that you wait. We have some tips for replacing your windows.

1) Determine if you need to replace your windows.

There are a few dead giveaways you can look for to let you know if you should replace your windows. If you have single pane windows, they’re inefficient. If your windows are over 20 years old, chances are they need replacing. If your windows are warped, don’t lock properly, or have condensation or frost, they need to be replaced. If the areas around your windows are rotting, you should get your windows replaced. Other signs include drafts, hot or cold spots, and difficulty opening.

2) Learn about the product.

You should research different products available before jumping into any home improvement project. Make sure any window you install has at least two panes of glass–three is even better. Make sure you check the R and U factors. R factor is the numerical value given to the window’s insulating ability. U factor is the numerical value given to the window’s heat transfer qualities. Look for a window with a high R value and a low U value. Know the product inside and out.

3) Explore your options.

Most people opt for the standard double-hung window, but you’ll have a variety of options. It is your house, and you should get the windows you want. Some popular models include:

Each model has benefits and serves best under different circumstances. Find the windows that best fit your home and preferences.

4) Call us.

Call us at Fortin Construction and get a professional opinion. We’ve replaced thousands of windows, and we’re experts. One of our professionals will meet with you and help you get the windows you need. We’ll get the job done with quality, professionalism, and promptness. We even offer free estimate services–we’ll come over and take a look, talk about your options, and give you our estimate for free.

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