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5 Things Every Builder Can Learn from “Bob the Builder”

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If you’ve been around any builder-happy children lately, you’re likely to have heard of “Bob the Builder,” a British children’s animated television show featuring a construction crew made of clay. It’s one of the only children’s construction television shows on air. Even though the show is for kids, the truth is “Bob the Builder” has several positive attributes that any builder can learn from—and that you should look for when you’re building your dream home.

1.    Bob is solution oriented.

The only thing you may know about the show is its mantra: “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” This can-do attitude is one every builder should have. Bob doesn’t shy away from problems; instead, he identifies them and works to find solutions. The job isn’t completed until he has solved the problem. Your dream home builder should also reflect this attitude, not shirking from issues that arise but finding real solutions.

2.    Bob is involved in his community.

In the show, Bob often encounters Spud the scarecrow, who typically makes his job more difficult, and his friend Farmer Pickles. Like Bob, a good builder knows he can’t live in isolation. Partnering with others in the community and being involved in community affairs is part of being a local business and maintaining a reputation. When you’re looking for a builder, look for someone involved in the community, as they’re more likely to be held responsible for their reputation. 

3.    Bob is aware of the bigger picture.

In addition to the “can we fix it” phrase, another one Bob the Builder often impresses on his young viewers is the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. And likewise, a good builder is environmentally conscious, aware that his actions impact the earth in a greater way. Ask your builder for ways to incorporate environmentally-friendly elements into your home, giving you green options.

4.    Bob works well with others.

Bob’s team consists of Wendy, Scoop, Muck, Roley, Lofty, and Dizzy. Bob knows working with a team is essential to doing a good job, and so does the right builder. Look for a builder who doesn’t insist on being a one-man show but instead gives credit where credit is due, maximizing the strengths of others to give you the best possible service. 

5.    Bob follows a plan.

After Bob identifies a problem, he makes a plan to solve it and works with his crew to get the job done. This type of organizational structuring is essential to a good builder’s repertoire. When you’re hiring a builder, look for someone who understands the need for order and a comprehensive plan.

You probably won’t get to work with the actual Bob the Builder—after all, he lives in Spring City—but you should require a high work ethic of any builder you hire.

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