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Famous Floor Plans: As Seen On TV

Here at Fortin Construction, we love floor plans. You can tell from our floor plan gallery we publish for you all to enjoy. That’s why we are really enjoying artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde’s renditions of famous floor plans from our favorite TV shows. Here, just for fun, are a few of our favorites.

1.      Monica and Joey’s apartments from FRIENDS

Imagine actually having this kind of space in a New York City apartment. No wonder Monica always casually mentioned she’d inherited the apartment from her grandmother.

2.      Gilmore Girls house

With all that extra space upstairs, why was Rory’s bedroom downstairs? I’m guessing because it's closer to the kitchen…

3.      Ted Mosby’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother

That puzzling pineapple… and is that the cockamouse?!

4.      Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment

Yada yada yada, the show about nothing.

5.      The Golden Girls house

We can’t help but wonder how much a 4BR/4BA sprawl like this would cost in Miami today.

Of course television sets create unrealistic home proportions, but these are fun to imagine. What’s your favorite famous floor plan?

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