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New Year, New You: Building an Affordable Home Gym

"I want to work out more" is one of the most common resolutions made by Americans in light of the new year. Resolving to work out consistently is one thing, but making it happen is another. For many, getting to the gym is an issue of inconvenience, inadequacy, or lack of motivation. 

The remedy? Try working out in the comfort of your own home. While saving time and money, you'll be able to head home from work and fit in a healthy workout from the convenience of yoiur own living space. With a little motivation, building a home gym is a fool-proof alternative to joining an established one.

Here's how to do it without breaking the bank.

Minimal to the Max

When you picture a home gym, perhaps you imagine a good-sized room downstairs with a giant mirror, bench press, exercise balls and other equipment. While this is certainly the ideal home gym setup for some people, there are no home gym rules requiring you to dedicate one room of your home to a functional gym space. 

A minimal approach often does wonders for home exercises, and for many people (especially stay-at-home parents), it can be as simple as shifting over your living room coffee table to make room for a yoga mat or push up assisters. Getting a pull-up bar for your doorway is also a great way to take up less space in your home and still get some blood pumping; committing to doing five pull-ups every time you walk under the doorway will add up over time!

Home Gym Extravaganza

If you are looking to dedicate one room to a functional home workout space, then it's key to remember big ticket items like elliptical machines and treadmills are not always necessary to getting in cardio exercise. Not only are these machines lofty expenses and take up a good amount of space, but other exercises with elastic bands, stability balls, or jogging around the neighborhood block, for instance, can give you a solid workout with similar results over time.

If you do want to invest in the top-of-the-line equipment, however, make sure to include a few exercise balls, elastic bands, and a bench press (or makeshift version). These three pieces of equipment are often considered universally effective and can be used for numerous exercises while targeting numerous muscle groups. Bands can be tied to a bar, coat rack, or any solid wall fixture in your home. Elastic bands and exercise balls are affordable and can be used versatilely. 

Keep in mind that the key to making a gym work in your home is not always about the home gym itself. Your level of comfort, motivation, commitment, and approach matter much more. Whether or not you wish to spend a good amount of money on premium equipment, you should build a home gym that makes you feel anxious to work out as a normal part of your at-home routine.


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