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Which Floor Plan Fits Your Needs?

Choosing a floor plan for your new home is an exciting process.  Selecting the right floor plan must combine all of your family’s needs while containing enough functionality. The right floor plan will greatly improve how you experience your new home, and everything from its shape to its style should be accounted for. You might be overwhelmed by your options, but here are some tips to help you better decide which house plan is perfect for you. 


floor plan

When deciding on which house plan to select, you need to take into consideration what size you would like the house to be.  Depending on the size of your family, the size of your home can vary greatly.  Take into consideration your lifestyle, hobbies, the age of your family and the long-term needs of either a growing or diminishing family. 

The obvious areas to point out when determining size are number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen and dining room size – in relation to the property and each other.  An easy way to outline what you want to fit in your new home is to make a wish list.  These details will help guide you on your path toward building your dream home. 


Before you start looking for plans that match your list, you have one more decision to make; the amount of money you are willing to invest in your new home. Your budget will determine the size of your home.  If you choose a larger floor plan than what is necessary, you may find yourself with extra space and nothing to fill it with. On the other hand, if you have family members or a lot of possessions, you could end up feeling cluttered if you choose a smaller floor plan.  Choose the one that suits your budget and personal situation. 

Design Style

design style

While choosing a floor plan, you should look at how you will design the house with decorations and furniture pieces to see which floor plan suits you best.  One of the basic ways to help decide this is to take a moment and look at the furniture and other objects in your home. If your furniture tends to coordinate, an open floor plan could work for you. If you love your furniture but it covers a wide range of styles, then a traditional floor plan might be a better option.  

Life Style

Choose a floor plan that will fit your daily activities.  If you love to entertain, choose a floor plan with ideal areas to prepare and present food, mingle, and dine. For those who love to cook, the kitchen layout will be a high priority. For down time, don’t forget to choose a plan that offers the relaxing space you desire. Outdoor lovers should choose a plan that offers easy access and views to outdoor living spaces. 


private deck

Once you decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want, consider where to locate them to maximize privacy. Are you comfortable with guests using the bathroom in your master suite, or would you prefer a specific guest bathroom? Do you want the master bedroom secluded from the other bedrooms? If bedroom privacy is a concern, opt for home designs with enclosed patios, porches or deck areas to help create more privacy in personal spaces.  Also, be aware of the location of your deck or patio in relation to your neighbor’s home.

Consult a Design Professional

There are tons of online sources for floor plans, which can be helpful if you’re trying to wrap your head around the direction of your home’s layout. However, you’ll ultimately want to consult a home design professional before moving anywhere near the construction phase.

Often times, these professionals can help you consider less tangible aspects of the floor plan such as energy savings and costs, how lighting arrangements will work in the plan, how furniture could be laid out, and so on.

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