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8 Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders

Are you looking for the right custom home builders to take on your home building project? Establishing and building trust with custom home builders is key before getting your custom home off the ground. Typically, a series of comprehensive meetings will take place before work gets started to make sure everything is fit to your specifications.

During those meetings, it's crucial to ask the right questions and offer specific information so that your custom built home can be finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are eight questions to ask your custom builders to ensure everything is copasetic:

1. Here is my budget: _________ Can you build my home with this budget in mind?

When working with custom home builders, it can be a wise move to enter a "bidding war" of sorts with custom builders in your area. Typically, going with the lowest bid is a good approach. However, finding a custom home builder who can construct your home with your exact specifications and align with your budget is hitting the jackpot. There is no need to weigh the scales of financial capacity and custom specifications when you can have both! 

2. How do you handle change orders? 

It's not uncommon to change your mind about things during the planning and building process. The question is, how do the custom builders handle change orders? Make sure you can get updated pricing along the way (or at least at the end of the changes) to ensure your best experience working with your custom builder.

3. How many other projects are you currently working on?

Since your custom built home is important to you, you want it to be important to the builders as well. Ask questions to gauge the number of projects the custom home builders are participating in at the time. This will give you a better idea of how much attention a custom home builder will give your home project. Working with a custom home builder that can closely monitor your home and provide you with ample communication and project updates goes a long way during and after the construction process. This leads to the next question:

4. How frequently can I expect updates?

Of course, it's ideal to receive updates as often as possible (whether it be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly), but every custom home builder is different. Make sure to communicate early on how frequently you would like to receive feedback from your custom builder, as well as from whom the updates will come (superintendent or the actual builder). 


5. What will mobile communication be like?

A more direct way to ask this to custom builders is "how quickly should I expect you to return my emails and phone calls?" With large home projects, consistent and efficient communication will make or break your experience working with custom home builders. It's important to set the stage for strong back-and-forth communication from the inception of the construction project.

6. When do I need to have tangible decisions made?

When does my flooring need to be picked out? When do I need to select cabinets, and wall paint colors, and lighting? All these elements are what make your home yours, so make sure to confirm with your custom home builder so all these components are selected properly and timely.

7. What are your strengths in home construction? What are your weaknesses?

It's extremely important to know your builder as much as possible before moving forward with what probably is the most costly project you'll ever undergo. Ask them about their strengths and their areas for improvement to ensure you have the best grasp of what they can do best for your custom home. However, while asking them about their weaknesses is a fair and honest question, most custom home builders will not want to be transparent about what they can't do for you very well. That's why it's important to...

8. Do your research 

No, this isn't technically a question. But it is a vital step to take in the custom home building process. Reach out to previous customers who worked with the builders you're considering, look up customer testimonials and customer reviews on the internet and see how active they are before, during and after the home construction process. All these factors are key when considering the right custom builders for your future home.

At Fortin Construction, these are all questions we answer honestly and openly as we partner with you in your custom home project. Reach out to us to have any of your questions answered! 

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