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6 Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Custom Home

Buying a home is an experience all in it’s own. From the excitement during the process to the nerve wracking waiting and even the overwhelming relief when opening your door for the first time. Now imagine if that home was one YOU designed. Every detail selected by you and your custom home builder. Your dream home finally a reality. No more scouring Pinterest and home magazines, telling your significant other that, “One day we’re going to have THAT!”

That scenario might be closer in reality than you think. Keep reading to find out if you’re ready to build a new home!

  1. You’re ready for something new, that’s all your own

    • You’ve spent quite a bit of time in your current home, and you’re ready for a change. Maybe you’ve spent some time thinking about a remodel, but let’s be honest: How much better could you make your home if you could pick everything from the shape of the house, to the layout, and even down to how many precious space saving add-ons you could include. We are fortunate to live in a world of customization, and we can incorporate our personalities into everything we do, even our homes!

  2. Your Pinterest and Houzz accounts are overflowing

    • If you’re a fan of digital shopping or browsing, especially in terms of home improvement or design, your Pinterest and Houzz accounts are probably loaded with ideas and inspiration. It’s time to let those ideas come to life, and combine all of those inspirations to create something just for you!

  3. You’ve done the financial homework, and you have a budget

    • It goes without saying that building a new home can be an expensive endeavour. Luckily, here at Fortin Construction we work with a variety of financing options. You also might be surprised to know that buying a home and building a home are actually pretty comparable in terms of price. With such similarities, why not ensure the home of your dreams?

  4. You have one, or several, neighborhoods you like

    • If you didn’t know already, one of the first steps to building a home is finding a lot to build on. Maybe as you drive around your town, you’ve noticed some neighborhoods being built and you’ve found one you just love. Instead of trying to find, or wait for, a home in that neighborhood, build one! Get some inspiration from other homes in the neighborhood, and find ways to stand out while still being a part of the community.

  5. You’ve picked a builder

    • Whether we’re fortunate enough to have been selected as your builder, or you’ve found another one, finding a custom home builder that inspires you and produces quality work consistently is a key step in the home building process. If you already have a builder in mind, this is a big indicator that you’re ready to bring your dream home to life.

  6. You’ve got time, and you’re planning it out

    • Sure it can be exciting to think about what your new home will be like, but it’s important to be realistic in terms of timing. A new home isn’t built in a day; just look at how much time you’ve put into thinking about what you want it to look like! If you’re planning on moving within a certain time frame, or maybe starting a family and you want a bigger home to allow for kids to grow up in, then you’re ready to start the process of talking with a custom home builder!

If you read these six signs and thought, “Yes! That is so me!” then you are definitely ready to build a new home. Check out our available properties, and contact us today!

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