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Choose the Right Light Fixtures for your Home

Different rooms require different lighting, and with so many options and customizable types of light fixtures you can work your style into every room. Maybe you want your kitchen to be warm and inviting, or bright and inspiring. You can even get cabinet lighting so when you’re cooking you can see your masterpiece meals in bright lights. Your bathroom can have the best lights for your mirror make up time or beard trimming days. Built in bookshelves can have recessed lights showcasing your unique book collection and decorations. Dining rooms can have chandeliers with various settings perfect for any dinner mood. Bedrooms can have light fixtures unique to your style.

Let’s break these down. To keep this simple, we’re going to focus on 4 main types of fixtures, and a few different styles you can get for each type.

Here at Fortin Construction, we work with CaMLaS Inc. and Progress Lighting to give our customers a variety of options that will enhance their home with their style and budget in mind.


  • Chandeliers are often used as main lighting for certain rooms like dining rooms, entrance halls, or even bedrooms. The name comes from the French word ‘chandelle’ which means candle holder, and originally that’s what chandeliers were – hanging, sometimes ornate, candle holders. Over time, of course, they’ve evolved into an industry all in their own. From glass blown works of art to simple metal workings, there is a chandelier for everyone.
  • Chandeliers direct light upward, and truly enhance the style of a room.
  • When it comes to different styles, you can go modern, classic, casual, or traditional formal:
  • Modern chandeliers can be slightly more boxy and angular, though some have some curve and unique-ness to them. Some even have light bulbs that look like candle flames to give that ‘chandelle’ appearance and add to the ambiance of the room.
  • Classic chandeliers have that upside-down umbrella look, with the lights typically pointing upward, though some may have the lights pointing down so they shine on whatever it’s hanging above. Some classic chandeliers can get pretty eccentric in that they make a star shape, feature unique metal workings, or have various types of finishes that can give them more of an antique look.
  • Casual chandeliers fit the name in that they’re meant to be a casual addition to a room, and in terms of materials, they’re pretty straightforward. Usually all that’s involved is the metal and the light bulbs. An example of this is the type of chandelier that hangs down into a metal circle with several lights attached.
  • Traditional formal chandeliers are the more ornate chandeliers with hanging crystals or jewels, lavish metal workings, and other decorative features.

Pendant Lights


  • Pendant lights can be called drops or suspends, and are typically lone lights that hang from the ceiling by a chain, metal rod, or even just a cord.
  • These types of lights come in a variety of styles, similar to Chandeliers in that they can be simple and casual or they can be ornate and more lavish.
  • Sometimes, pendant lights are used in multiples, and can either be hung in a straight line or staggered. They direct light downward and can be used over kitchen countertops or bars, over nightstands in bedrooms, or even in bathrooms. With so many different materials and sizes available, there is a type of pendant light for every home’s style.

Track Lighting

  • Track lighting is actually a lighting system that involves a track device with light fixtures attached to the track.  The system is attached to a ceiling or wall and light heads that are attached in some way to the track. As with chandeliers and pendant lights, there are tons of various styles to track lighting. Track lighting also typically allows you the freedom to adjust the heads to different positions if desired.
  • Track lighting is great for kitchens or other work areas. They can also be installed in bathrooms or closets.
  • To get an idea of the different kinds of styles, we recommend checking out one of our partners’ websites and play around with the styles, finishes, and features of track lighting.

Recessed Lights

  • Recessed lighting can be a key feature in the function and style of your home. These lights add a clean look and can be used to showcase artwork or other aspects of your home, and they can make a space feel and look bigger.
  • A catch to recessed lighting is you want to ensure proper spacing of each light, so the desired effect is achieved. Whether you’re in the market of building a new home or remodeling, the professionals at Fortin Construction can help you make the best decision regarding lighting in your home.

Lighting is an essential part to every home; not just to visual appearance but the functionality of your home. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to make sure your home is lit to perfection.

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