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Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

Living in such a hectic world, we often forget certain things when it comes to cleaning and home maintenance. So we thought we’d put together a checklist of things to make sure you stay on track.

We broke up our list, first, by things you should do monthly and/or periodically. Then, by season, as some things are more important to stay on top off before specific seasons are in full swing.

Periodic Maintenance and Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean window wells
  • Vacuum
  • Inspect HVAC filters
  • Clean sink disposals
  • Pour boiling water down drains to clean
  • Clean range hood filters
  • Clean fan blades
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Deep clean house
  • This is best every 6 months. Gather up the family and clean everything; windows, appliances, dusting, floors under furniture, etc.


Depending on where you live, some of these items may be more important to you than to others. However it’s good to stay educated, so during the winter months it’s important to prepare for the cold, harsh weather that can sometimes take an unexpected turn. Even if you don’t expect a brutal winter, it’s still a good time to take care of some inside chores.

  • Check for ice dams and icicles
  • Tighten any handles, knobs, racks, etc.
  • Check locks and deadbolts
  • Check caulking around showers and bathtubs, repair as needed
  • Remove shower heads and clean
  • Deep clean basement
  • Make sure outlets work
  • Shut off and drain outdoor faucets
  • Insulate pipes if possible


A great time to organize the closets and tend to your garden, Spring is also prime time to take care of your home’s exterior and start planning improvement projects. Contractors can get booked pretty quickly so make those phone calls and appointments as you welcome Spring. It’s also a good time to prepare for summer and the wild heat that it can bring.

  • Tend to your landscaping
    • Rake leaves, lay mulch
    • Test water faucets
    • Mow and reseed your lawn
    • Renew annual contracts if you have someone take care of your yard
  • Consider calling a certified arborist to inspect trees
  • Check gutters
  • Inspect screens & screen doors
  • Inspect paint and roof shingles
  • Sweep and inspect your deck
  • Show your pool some love
    • Treat the water
    • Check valves and filters
      • Replace if needed
  • Check pipes for possible leaks
  • Check septic tanks - clean if needed


As the heat comes your way, it’s a good time to check all water related aspects of your home. You also can take the summer as an opportunity to put the kids to work and get things cleaned like the garage and rinsing the house with a garden hose.

  • Check grout in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Take care of any insect problems
  • Clean garage
  • Give your house a good rinse
  • Check your sprinkler system
  • Check weather stripping
  • Plan for any home improvement projects


Fall is your last chance to gear up for winter and the colder temperatures that will make their way back to you. Take the time to prep for the cold, put tools away that you won’t need, cover the pool, and make sure your heat sources are safe to use.

  • Rake leaves
  • Remove debris
  • Shut off sprinklers (before harsh weather)
  • Stock up on firewood
  • Clean and cover your pool
  • Make sure furnace and HVAC are winter ready
  • Ensure boilers and radiators have had their check ups and any necessary work done
  • Clean and inspect chimney
  • Check for drafts at windows and doors
  • Have your dryer inspected

Feel free to print this out and keep handy when planning your cleaning days! Have more to add? Share with us in the comments below!

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