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6 Ways to Save Money on Home Energy

6 Ways to Save Money on Home Energy

As great as your home is, there might be a few ways that it could be more energy efficient. Having a home that consumes only as much power as it needs keeps your bill down, which is never a bad thing. Keep reading for 6 of our tips to saving money on your homes energy expenses!

Upgraded Insulation

One of the biggest culprits of wasted energy is loosing heated or cooled air through poor insulation. Having either too old or too little insulation in your home can add to your energy bill every month but, upgrading your insulation could save you as much as $600/year.

Filthy Filters


You should aim to clean or replace your air conditioning filters once per month. Around that month mark, your filters have a hard time pulling air through the dirt, allergens, and other particles that got trapped in its fibers. A harder working AC unit could mean an energy increase in about 10% on a monthly basis.

Updated Appliances

Plain and simple, older appliances are not as energy efficient as newer, Energy Star rated appliances. While updating your appliances can definitely be an investment, they’ll pay for themselves the longer you have them. A few of the most common inefficient appliances are water heaters, air conditioners, and refrigerators; think about upgrading!

Leeched Energy


Have a toaster in your kitchen plugged in? What about a dvd player that you haven’t used in months? If you’ve got an electronic device plugged in that have little flashing lights or a clock, they’re consuming energy. Consider unplugging appliances or purchasing a power strip to make things a little easier to turn completely off.

Empty Home

Walking into your home can be a way to get out of the elements, which is why some decide to leave things running when they leave their homes. Heating, cooling, and lighting your home when you’re away may ensure that your home is exactly as you want it when you get back, but might also be the reason for an increase in your energy consumption. Think about getting a programmable thermostat or changing your lights to LEDs in case a light does get left on.

Temperature Bell Curve


Heating or cooling your home too much might be adding to your energy bill unnecessarily. Think about wearing shorts if you’re too warm or putting on an extra layer of clothing if you’re too cold. Of course, comfort in your own home is what’s most important, but you should know that just a couple of degrees either direction could shave off dollars from your energy bill.

Each item on this list by itself might not be too terrible on your energy budget, but even just a couple of them combined could mean you’re paying for power that isn’t getting used. Upgrading a few things around your home may be an initial cost, you’ll save money in the long run and save yourself from worrying about wasted money!

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