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5 Popular Products Used in New Home Construction in 2019

“What products are popular right now?” is a question we get asked frequently during the building process. Of course, as new home builders, we have seen the best and the worst trends over the years. But some of these trends are worth buying into. Here are five “hot” products we’ve seen used in new home construction lately — and we think are actually pretty great.

1.     Walk-in showers

walk-in shower

Walk-in showers aren’t a new concept, but we’ve seen more of these being installed recently. Many homeowners like walk-in showers for the modernization and the minimization. A tub is seldom used for bathing and can take up a significant amount of space. Its minimal size makes it low maintenance and easier to clean, with fewer places mold can hide. Additionally, walk-in showers are easier for accessibility — something that more folks are considering as they build their forever homes.

2.     Copper gutters

Another trend we’ve noticed recently is copper gutters. Now some may choose these for their style alone — and they do make a statement — but we also love them for their functionality. For one, copper is a durable metal that will last a long time. Secondly, it is low maintenance. It naturally resists algae and fungi buildup, reducing gutter blockages. It’s also an easy material for repairs and doesn’t easily crack or buckle.

3.     White cabinets

white cabinets

Look at almost any Pinterest board these days, and you’ll find white cabinets. White is definitely a trend in many kitchens as of late, probably because it instantly brightens up a room and is a versatile decorating color. With long Maine winters, we take our sunlight where we can, so seizing an opportunity to brighten up a kitchen is one we can get behind. Plus with this neutral color that is easily changed as your preferences change, what’s not to love about white?

4.     Wainscoting

8O9A6703 (1).jpg

Wainscoting is comprised of wall panels, a top molding and a baseboard molding and is a classy element that is really coming back in style. The beauty of this product is that it’s classic but still modern, and you can personalize it to fit your personal aesthetic. It can be used to cover damaged walls, or it can be used to prevent damage from doorknobs or scuff marks. But our favorite feature of wainscoting, besides its visual-friendly elements, is that it can provide additional insulation for your home, improving your energy efficiency.

5.     Tin (indoors)

We’ve noticed an increase in tin being used as an indoor material, specifically in ceilings and backsplashes. Whether it’s new or reclaimed, tin can make a statement and, if it’s used correctly, be a classy addition to your home. One of the benefits of including tin in your home is the variety of designs and customizations you can find. Different colors, styles and finishes allow this material to be uniquely yours. It’s fairly cost effective and has a high durability factor, as it’s resistant to both heat and moisture.

Bonus: Eco-friendly materials

Although not technically a product, one trend we are noticing is with more and more eco-friendly building materials being used and requested. Customers are starting to read the “ingredients” in some of the building products that are being used and are making specific requests. Eco-friendly products are certainly on the rise in almost every area.

Any of these hot products catch your eye? Make sure you let us know to include it when we build your dream home.

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