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Why Fortin Construction is Different from Other Maine Home Builders

When it comes to Maine home builders, we know you have options. As those options grow, you might be wondering what makes Fortin Construction different from other construction companies. Below, you can find just a few of the reasons Fortin Construction stands out from the competition.

Our experience and reputation are unparalleled.

We’ve been building homes in Maine for nearly three decades now, and during that time we’ve established a reputation of excellence. Part of the reason we have such a great reputation among our community is that we have a customer-centric business model. We work with our clients every step of the way. We don’t just build to suit. We build to delight. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the testimonials we’ve accumulated over the years.

We established a tried-and-true process.

fortin process

Our reputation didn’t come by accident. We follow a process that simplifies the construction process and helps keep it uncomplicated for our clients. From helping them set a budget to designing the home to constructing it, our process is meant to give our customers the best experience we can. We publish that process — along with a list of FAQs — for you to have as much information up front as possible.

We’re one of the only Maine construction companies to offer turnkey construction options.

As another way we try to simplify the construction process, with Fortin, you can purchase a new home without a construction loan. That’s right, we’ll even purchase the land for you. Our turnkey package is one that few construction companies offer. All you need is to become pre-qualified for a traditional mortgage. We will then build your home to your specifications, meeting all lending obligations. When your new home is complete, simply close your mortgage and move in. If you’re interested in pursuing this option, check out this post on how the turnkey process works.

Our range of capabilities demonstrates our construction aptitude.

Whether it’s new home construction, a remodel or commercial build, Fortin has the experience to make any construction project a reality. Our services go beyond just those, however, with Alternative Energy and Solar Solutions, a brand created to provide you with energy options, and Camlas, a provider of lighting, flooring, cabinetry and countertop offerings. The number of services we offer is a demonstration of how far our construction skills reach.

We’re family owned.

Last, but certainly not least, one of the most important aspects of what makes us who we are is our family roots. Don Fortin, a third-generation builder, started the company in 1990 and ran it from his basement. Since then, all three of his sons have been involved with Fortin. Additionally, many of the staff have been at Fortin for 10 or more years and truly are part of the family. Our expertise comes from the accumulated wisdom of four generations of builders, and we are committed to providing quality workmanship with integrity.

These are just a few of the aspects that set Fortin apart from the competition and — in our opinion — make us the best construction company in Maine. Want to see for yourself? Find out how to contact us, or just stop by during office hours.

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