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Best Places to Build a New Home and Live in Maine

Now that you know you’re ready to build a new home in Maine and you’ve found a good builder, the next logical step is to decide where to build. Portland, Bangor, and Augusta frequently make the list of best places to live in Maine, but we wanted to showcase a few lesser-known but still amazing places to build a new home.


Our favorite twin city, Auburn has a lot to offer new residents. Outdoor activities, culture, shopping, and views of the Androscoggin River make this one of the best places to live in Maine. If you hop on I-95, you’re just a short drive away from Portland and the ocean. We might be a little partial to this city, since it’s our hometown, but we still recommend it to new home buyers because of its cultural offerings and rate of growth.


If you’re looking for a quiet, quaint place to live, Cumberland is the spot for you. What we love about Cumberland is a low cost of living, low crime rates, and a community atmosphere. With such an affordable area, it’s the perfect place to maximize your dollar when building a new home.Brunswick



Some cities are standoffish to newcomers, but not Brunswick. Even though Brunswick is a little larger than some of the other cities, it still has a community atmosphere that’s welcoming and warm. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars available for socializing and getting to know your new neighbors.


Falmouth has the perks of being a smaller city but still close enough to Portland and Brunswick to commute in less than an hour. The east side of Falmouth is right on the coast, and the southwest side hugs up to Highland Lake, giving you plenty of options for exploring nature. The housing market here is on the high end, which makes this area the perfect place to build.


As one of Portland’s suburbs, Scarborough is one of the best places to live in Maine. Scarborough affords quick access to the city and some of the best coastal walks in the state. If you’re looking to be near Portland without directly in the city, Scarborough is one of the best options for you. Be advised, however, that housing costs are on the high end here. 

These are our picks for the best places to live in Maine. After you choose what city to build your new home, next you’ll need to find some land. Check out our tips for finding the right lot to build your dream home.

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