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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building A Custom Home

Building your dream home can be an incredible experience, but there are a few things for you to think about. Ask yourself these six important questions before you start a custom house building experience.

How much space will you need?


Take into consideration how big your family is currently and how big you’ll want it to be in the future. This can help you determine how much space you need in your new home as well as proximity to either nearby schools and your work. You might also look at how long you’ll be looking to stay in your new home. Consider whether or not it will be the house you live in for decades or if you can see you and your family moving in the next few years.

Do you have a timeline?

Building a home can sometimes be a long process. It’s important to ask yourself if there are any time constraints like if you’re expecting to take in more family members but don’t currently have the space or if you are selling your current house while building your new one. Generally, having an end date is a good thing, although some flexibility is required in building a custom home.

Is it better to build or add onto your existing home?


If you’re looking for a bit of an upgraded, we can help you with any home additions you might need including garage transitions, attic repurposing, room remodeling, or sunroom additions. Think about the cost, both in terms of time and money, of building a custom home. Could you benefit from adding onto your current home?

How will you use your home?

Are you entertainers? Do you frequently have guests or relatives over? Do you have multiple generations living with you? Is your home a safe haven from the constant grind of the world? Answering these kinds of questions about how you live in your home can determine how, when, and where it’s built. A house designed for a large family with frequent guests or gatherings would be very different for a house with just a few members in it.

Is there a layout that fits your needs?

Fortin Blueprint Graphic-Ranch.png

While your new home can be 100% custom made, we do offer a few different designs based on varying client needs. From 2 story Colonial style houses to wide single story ranch homes, you can pick a layout that works best for you and your family. From there you can customize the specifics making your new house more suited for you.

Do you have any specific needs or requests?

Consider each room in your new home from bedrooms to garages. Is there anything in particular that you want to see in any of them? Maybe you’ve got a specific styles or ideas for your kitchen that you would want incorporated into the design. On the other hand, you might need specialized functions to accommodate for any disabilities.

These are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself when you’re thinking about starting a custom house. Here is another great blog we have written that can also help you in your decision process that talks about the 6 signs you’re ready to build a custom home. Once you’ve considered everything, let us know how we can assist. Whatever you need, we’re sure we can help you build it right.

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