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Love to Host People? Build a Custom Home Made to Entertain.

So you love entertaining guests. A night of hosting a house party, a cocktail, a gourmet dinner, a game night or a landmark celebration is always a night you look forward to. 

When building a home that is well-suited to host people in the way you enjoy most, keep the following questions in mind:

1. Do I prefer to entertain inside or outside?

2. How many people do I typically like to have over when I'm hosting?

3. What kind of atmosphere do I want to create for guests?

4. What kind of foods do I serve and how do I typically serve them? Do I hire a caterer?

These kinds of questions can help steer you in the direction you want to go when considering custom specs for your custom home. Here are some suggestions for your custom home to be a premiere place for entertaining. 

A Go-To Space

Every home has a room that feels "homey," a place where guests feel comfortable to lounge and laze. Making sure your custom home's "go-to room" (often a living room) has ample space for plenty of people will pay dividends when hosting larger home events. When building your home with hosting in mind, make sure to make this room a priority during the design process.

This room should be ornamented with personality and decor to make your home truly yours. Many homes are intentionally designed with a flow or pathway from the central seating areas to the kitchen for easy access. To maximize good conversation and comradery amongst your guests, choose comfortable, large couches and other furniture to be centrally located in your go-to room.

A Luxurious Kitchen

When getting ready to build your custom home, design a kitchen that is built for plenty of space, amenities, and storage. When you are hosting guests, your kitchen will function as the central hub for entertainment. Including high-quality amenities in your kitchen layout will impress your guests and make serving easy! This can include stainless steel appliances, restaurant-quality refrigerator, sleek countertops, finished drawers and large pantries with storage space.

Be sure to include ample counter space for food prep and drinks for guests. Some custom homes contain an indoor kitchen bar for making and serving drinks. While this is not necessarily a must-have, having plenty of counter space will make for a fun and seamless night for you and your guests.

A Game Room

While it's not a necessity to have a game room (for more than just kids), it can certainly add tons of fun to any night. A pool table, ping pong table, pinball machines, and even a set of chairs around a table for board games can add some fun flair to your home.

When designing and decorating your custom home, consider adding a flat-screen TV, integrated sound system, gaming system or media streaming device. This kind of room also offers a lot of creative freedom; working with an interior designer can help you get ideas for room themes (rustic, vintage, futuristic, etc.) and decor. This room can be as fun and creative as you'd like!

Hosting can feel like a full-time job leading up to a home event, but a game room can help shoulder some of the hosting load once guests arrive. A game room offers full-time fun and helps to break up the crowd so not all of your guests are cramped in one room. 

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