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Different Types of Home Additions

Different Types of Home Additions

Does your home need a bit more sunlight? Or maybe you want to finally convert your attic into a spare bedroom. There are a few different types of home additions and knowing how each could improve your home is an important factor when deciding how to expand. Read on for a bit more info on each type of house additions to decide which works best for you! 

Bump Out

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If only your kitchen had just a bit more space. Or if your spare bedroom felt a little less cramped. Bump out can be the solution you’re looking for. Bump out additions aren’t full rooms and usually only add space to existing rooms to increase square footage. They’re ideal for kitchens that need a bit more counter space or a breakfast area, for bathrooms where you want to add a tub in place of a stand-up shower, or to add a window seat to a sunny spot in your home. Bump out additions or among the cheapest options to add space as you usually don’t have to worry about heating or cooling. 

Room Additions 

Adding a room is one of the more popular home additions, adding square footage to your house in any way you want. A room addition can be a bedroom, den, living room or dining room and because there’s so much variability with them, the cost of each really depends on what you’re going for. Of the possible home additions, this one can be on the pricier side of things, especially if you’re thinking about adding utilities. 


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If you’re looking to add a bit of light and a place to relax to your home, you might consider a sunroom addition. There are a few different kinds of sunrooms, each to match the style of your existing home and to match the climate where your home is located. The distinguishing factors you’ll have to consider when thinking about adding a sunroom to your house are whether or not you need it to be insulted for all four seasons and how the style of the roof fits into the overall design of your home. Generally, the more glass your sunroom has, the cheaper it will cost you, and the same can be said about heating and cooling options. Check out some of the sunroom additions we have recently done!

Room Conversions

While a room conversion is less of an addition and more of a change in scenery, it’s definitely something you should consider if you’re looking to revamp any of your existing spaces. Converting a space that you already have to better suit your living style or family size is one of the most cost-effective solutions as you don’t often have to add any more square footage. You will have to look into heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical work depending on what rooms you’re converting. 

Once you know what addition you’ll be making, some of the next steps could be looking at heating and cooling or electrical options. Whether you’re adding a second story master suite or a bump out in your kitchen for a dining nook, knowing what your options are can help ease the process. Contact Fortin Construction to get the process started!

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