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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Brand New

A wood floor is a beautiful feature and can be a great accent to a variety of interior home designs. But they won't stay looking beautiful by themselves.

Maintaining your wood floor does not have to be a daunting task, but a simple, regular cleaning practice to keep your wood floor looking fresh and luxurious. Here are a few simple ways.

Reactive Maintenance

Your wood floor won't remain unblemished forever. Unfortunately, scratches, marks, and scuffs on your wood floor are par for the course. They're going to happen. Since most scuffs result from dragging items across the wood floor (shoe soles, chair legs, furniture, etc.), be proactive by keeping shoes outdoors and not bringing them into the house.

Attaching felt pads to the bottom of chair legs also helps to minimize scratching and prevent future floor marks. In case you come across a scuff that's a nuisance to remove, it might help to use a scuff or pencil eraser, or use Acetone for the more stubborn scuffs. There are also some simple home remedies to help keep your wood flooring looking rich.

Proactive Maintenance & Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your wood floor area monthly with a hardwood cleaning product is an easy best practice for custom home owners. It's important to remember to not leave too much cleaning product on the flooring for too long, however, as this may cause permanent floor damage.

Dusting and mopping for dirt, dust, hair, and debris is also a fool-proof weekly practice that will keep your wood floor looking new and pristine. Wood cleaning sprays and electrostatic cloths can be used to get rid of pesky stains and dust mites. Breaking them out of the cupboard once a week is hardly a chore. This weekly maintenance tool is a rather simple task and helps to show off the detail of the flooring. 

Using the right products on your floors and developing a rhythm of regular floor maintenance will work wonders. With a steady pattern of cleaning and a little elbow grease, you will keep your wood floor looking brand new and your house looking like someone just moved in!

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