Stick Built vs. Modular

16 Reasons why a Fortin stick built home is a better choice than modular 

  1. Flexible layout with unlimited designs and options
  2. No wasted space from 12" marriage wall
  3. Complete firm contract price instead of budgets
  4. Better construction materials and methods
  5. Homes are not transported through weather, over rough, frost heaved roads
  6. Licensed plumbers install plumbing and heating
  7. Licensed electricians install all wiring and fixtures
  8. Homes are inspected at every phase by you and your local code enforcement officer
  9. All products used in our homes are sold locally so you can get service and replacement parts
  10. All construction is built together and integrated rather than sections set and attached as separate units
  11. One stop shop for all your home finishes including cabinets, flooring, lights, and appliances
  12. Complete turn key package, including land
  13. No construction loan required!
  14. The best Team and System in the home building industry with over 1,000 satisfied customers in 20 years of business
  15. You get to see your dream home come alive before your eyes!
  16. The final reason and one you didn't expect: The total, final cost is actually less than modular.

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