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Our Process

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve perfected the art of construction, doing as much on our side as we can to make building a new home as simple and uncomplicated for you as possible. We strive to make your overall experience pleasant and hassle free, and one of those is through our standard process. You’ll know exactly what to expect next in the steps to building your new home. If your home building process question isn’t answered here, check out our FAQs.


The first step to building your new home is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage to determine your budget for the construction. Knowing how much you can afford will also help you in making further decisions and will directly influence the next phase of the process, design.


Once you have a budget in place for your project, come meet with us to determine how we can fit your budget.

After we’ve discussed options and variables to find the perfect solution for working within your means, you’ll sign an agreement and give a $1,000 deposit. Then we’ll design and draw your home in our office.


Next you’ll need to choose land or find a home site for sale. We’ll negotiate the purchase for you, but you’ll need to get a commitment letter from a bank appraising the plans and specifications and giving a commitment to lend.

Once the letter is in hand, you’ll need to pay any difference from the agreement amount and the commitment letter.


You’ll go over any final specifications with us, picking out kitchen and flooring options, and we’ll start construction.

Once the construction is complete, you’ll close on your new home.

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